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We are pleased to announce that we have a new showroom to showcase our cladding systems and slip finishes. Our full ranges of brick slips are displayed together with a selection of stone finishes and a cut away section of the X-Clad system.

The showroom will be an invaluable aid to product selection, as customers will be able to see and compare different finishes, understand the installation process and have any questions answered by our experienced staff. In addition, we offer a range of affordable accessories and tools, customers may need for installing our cladding.

Our aim is to make the whole process from selecting the right system for your project, choosing a finish through to installation, as simple and as enjoyable as possible for customers.

Our new showroom is open to visitors Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm at our premises, Unit 5 Newbridge Trading Estate, Bristol, BS4 4AX. We look forward to welcoming you.

Eurobrick Celebrates 25th Anniversary


We reach a significant milestone in 2015; 25 years in business. We are very proud of this achievement; from a new start up, Eurobrick has grown into the UK’s largest stockist of brick slips and leading specialists for brick cladding systems. In 1990, we introduced the first comprehensively designed, insulated brick slipcladding system to the UK. Recognising the potential of such a system, we strongly believed there was a place for an innovative, alternative to traditional construction methods.

The construction industry hadn’t seen anything like it before and we had to convince a somewhat reluctant audience of the benefits of the system. One roblem that had to be overcome was the Industry’s past experiences with cladding, which hadn’t always been positive. But we worked hard to turn this perception around, building a reputation for high quality products coupled with excellent customer service. In 1993, X-Clad, our original insulated system, achieved third party certification, having passed the rigorous testing and scrutiny of an independent body. Since then, we have developed further brick slip systems, which all have certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA). These include I-Clad for interiors and P-Clad, which can be installed on buildings over 18m high.

Customer service is at the heart of our success. Whether dealing with enquiries, estimating, providing technical advice or installation support, we always do
everything we can to help. In 2010, Eurobrick became an ISO 9001 accredited company, a reflection of our continuing commitment to customers.Building methods are constantly evolving in response to external pressures, such as the need for greater speed and efficiency or the skills and materials shortages. We continue to work hard to meet the challenges and look forward to a bright future. We wish to take this opportunity, to thank all of our customers and suppliers, for their support over the past 25 years.

X-Clad is Energy Saving Trust Listed

55The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is widely recognised as the leading organisation providing independent advice about saving energy and sustainability, to homeowners, businesses and government. It has recently launched EST Online, a new database of insulation products that meet UK legislative requirements. X-Clad, our insulated brick cladding system, is a Listed product with the EST.

The EST is often the starting point for people looking for reassurance that the product they are considering, does in fact, “does what it says on the tin”. With so many products available on the market, all making varying claims, seeing the EST Listed logo, gives peace of mind. X-Clad is our brick faced external wall insulation system suitable for modular, new build and retrofit projects. For more information about X-Clad, please click System on the menu bar or call or email us.

New Product Guide, Fifth Edition

56Our new Product Guide (5th Edition) is now available and we are pleased tointroduce a number of new colours to both our brick slip ranges. The Britannia Range is an extensive collection of kiln fired, extruded brick slips. “Extruded” means that the bricks are manufactured as a slip, typically 15mm thick and as such require 60-70% less energy to fire than standard bricks. The brick slips are manufactured in standard UK sizes and corner bricks are available. Extruded brick slips are a competitively priced alternative to traditional bricks and are not as prone to the supply pressures currently being experienced by many brick manufacturers.

New additions to the Britannia Range includes Rustic Charcoal 697, a dark brown brick which provides dark multi shades and a rusticated texture and mooth White R100, which, with its clean, crisp lines will appeal to those seeking a contemporary finish. The range has been further broadened with the addition of EBS Textured Brown, EBS Sanded Buff and EBS Gloucester Red.The Classic Range includes both cut and manufactured brick slips with corner bricks.

The cut slips are from stock and reclaim style bricks and provide warmth and character, while the manufactured slips have a sharp, modern look. New to the Classic Range includes EBS Heritage Red which replaces the very popular Restoration Red Rustica which was sadly discontinued by the manufacturer and EBS Sanded Red Stock which replaces Renaissance. Two new buff colours have been added to the range; EBS Greenwich blend and EBS Historic London which have been tumbled to create the style of reclaims but with the product reliability of newly manufactured bricks.

The new Product Guide is available as a download; please click on Downloads and then Publications. Alternatively, should you wish to receive the brochure in the post, please call us to request a copy.

BBA Certification for Eurobrick’s Systems

54The team here at Eurobrick Systems, are celebrating after successfully receiving British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification for all of its brick cladding ystems. The independent third party certification gives customers the peace of mind that they are purchasing quality products that have been rigorously tested and scutinised. The number of brick cladding systems on the market that have accreditation are few and far between and Eurobrick is in an unique position to have certification for all of its products.

BBA is the most readily recognised UKAS accredited certification body in the construction industry. Many specifiers/contractors know that certified products can save save time and money. Experience shows that the repercussions of installing an uncertified system can be costly if performance does not live up to expectations. Eurobrick provides brick slip cladding systems for internal and external applications for new build, modular and retrofit projects. The systems are versatile, easy to install, environmentally sustainable, low maintenance with a life span of at least 25 years.

Eurobrick was the first company to introduce a comprehensively designed insulated cladding solution (X-Clad) to the UK over 23 years ago and has since developed further systems to meet the differing demands of the market. To view Eurobrick’s BBA Assessment Certificate 13/5079 and associated Product Sheets, please visit Downloads or contact us for further information.

For further information about BBA please visit